K2 & Bone Health

We’ve been taught for years that calcium is crucial for bone health, and while that is true, without the proper co-factors, calcium cannot be utilized and distributed properly in the body. Vitamin D3 is needed to absorb calcium and vitamin K2, in the form of MK-7, is essential for determining where calcium ends up in the body.

While D3 is needed for calcium absorption, mega-dosing can cause stiff joints and kidney stones because the calcium is ending up in the wrong places. This is where vitamin K2 comes into play. Vitamin K2 tells the body to put the calcium in the bones and teeth and not the tissue. Then, once the calcium is in the bone, K2 activates osteocalcin telling the calcium to flood throughout the bones.

Both K1 and K2 are fat soluble vitamins, but K2 is very different than K1. K1 is found in leafy greens and responsible for blood clotting. It is harder for the human body to utilize and much of K1 is left unprocessed. K1 can be processed to K2 by the gut bacteria, but due to the antibiotic use in our culture, very few people are actually able to do this. K2 can be found in Natto, hard and soft cheese, egg yolk, butter and chicken liver.

K2 isn’t only beneficial for bone health, it is also very beneficial for promoting heart health and prevents the calcification and stiffness of coronary arteries by moving calcium out of the blood vessels.

I recommend supplementing with K2 to ensure you are getting enough. Two brands I like best are Vital Proteins Bone Collagen and MicroBiome Mega Quinone K2

Dr Weston A Price’s ‘X-Factor’ is now believed to be vitamin K2. If you are someone who prefers to get your nutrients from whole foods instead of vitamins there is a list of foods containing K2 in the Dr Weston A Price article linked above.

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