Collagen Coffee

If you drink coffee, an easy way to incorporate collagen into your diet is by adding it to your coffee.

You can simply stir it in to hot or cold coffee and it will dissolve effortlessly. But, if you want to take it to the next level, use an immersion blender or counter blender to blend your coffee, collagen, and creamer.

Something magical happens when you blend collagen and coffee. Instantly you have a creamy, frothy, creation. Dare I say, it may even top the froth at your favorite coffee house.

Four Sigmatic * Vital Proteins * Califia Farms * Nutpods

My go to coffee is Four Sigmatic. Yes, I use instant coffee. Now, before you judge me, if you haven’t tried Four Sigmatic, you MUST! It is the smoothest coffee I have ever tasted, it has adaptogens for added benefits and a lower caffeine level. More on all that another day.

The Process: Heat water to boiling, pour it into a large glass container. Then add one scoop VP collagen, or a single serve packet, a splash of almond milk and creamer. Next, blend with an immersion blender until frothy. Pour into a coffee cup, sit down and enjoy! You can alternatively use a counter blender, but be careful of putting hot liquid in the blender.

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